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Open sourcing 'Lerndokumentation'

2019-11-25: Open sourcing study notes I made during my apprenticeship

Even though it's not that long ago, that I've finished my apprenticeship, I recently took a look at the study notes (Lerndokumentation in German) I made during these four years.

Because I'd rather not want it lying around somewhere and to never be looked at again, I decided to publish it instead. It's all in German, but still contains some useful resources.

After about two years into my apprenticeship, the documentation was way too large, so I had to split it up into four different parts. Each part broadly contains one topic and should be ordered somewhat chronologically.

The first (and biggest) document contains all my notes about C#, .NET and other related things:

Lerndokumentation C# Thomas Gassmann

The second document is all about JavaScript (also a lot of Angular in particular):

Lerndokumentation JavaScript Thomas Gassmann

The third contains a lot of projects I did and everything that could not be classified as one of the others. It also contains some notes on Python, Machine Learning and other things:

Lerndokumentation Thomas Gassmann

The last one contains a few things about PowerShell. Since I haven't used PowerShell much (and it isn't by any means my favorite scripting language), it's rather small:

Lerndokumentation PowerShell Thomas Gassmann

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